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Spinal Care Solution has a non-invasive, non-surgical and drug-free answer for your neck and back pain.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal Decompression is designed to treat the disc not just the tissues around the disc. Imagine a jelly filled donut. If you were to squish the donut the jelly on the inside would squish out. The spinal disc is very similar. It is made up of a jelly material on the inside that is kept in by a ring of tissue that we can compare to the donut. If the disc is squished this material can push out and start pinching a nerve that can cause excruciating pain. Spinal decompression allows us to stretch the disc and allows us to suck the jelly back into the center of the disc so it no longer pushes on a nerve. It also helps pull water back into the disc which is important as the disc is made up of over 50% water. As dehydrated discs are sick discs we want to rehydrate the discs to make them healthier. It also pulls in nutrients to give the disc the building blocks to heal and get better. Unlike other areas of the body, there is no real blood supply going to the discs which is part of the reason that a disc can take so long to heal. By creating the negative pressure that is cause by spinal decompression, it allows us to not only pull the jelly back in where it belongs but speed up the body’s natural healing process.


Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy works by transmitting light through the skin’s layers. It has an immunosuppressive and antiinflammatory effect. Pain relief is a major benefit of low level laser therapy. Lasers also have an anti inflammatory property that reduces tissue swelling. There is also nerve stimulation for people who have numbness. Some of the advantages of

Laser Therapy are as follows:

  • • Muscle relaxation

  • • Improved blood circulation

  • • Increased anti-inflammatory effects

  • • Increased serotonin and endorphins

  • • Increased lymphatic flow

In addition, laser treatment assists in treating TMJ, sinusitis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, bursitis, fibromyalgia and other ailments.

Whole Body Vibration

Like aerobic and anaerobic exercise, whole-body vibration increases physical strength, dexterity and endurance. Heightened circulation increases absorption of oxygen while mechanical oscillations create tendon stretch reflexes to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions throughout the body. The vibration action promotes the production of hormones responsible for regeneration and repair, improves blood circulation to the skin and muscles, improves bone density and bone strength, enhances motor control and balance, brings relief caused by chronic pain and increases lymph drainage and basal metabolic rate. These result in more strength, more speed, more stamina, rapid recovery of muscles and tissue, increased flexibility, increased mobility and increased coordination; enhancing Spinal Decompression Therapy treatments.
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